Because I care about people's health






Body perception

Our body is our most important barometer. We often suppress its signals until it is too late. We can prevent many health problems by better body sensation and better knowledge of the different processes in the body. 

  • You will learn to understand the connection between disturbed intestinal and brain function and the different clinical pictures, like depressions for example.
  • Through exercises you will learn to calm your nerves and negative thoughts.

Motivation training

In difficult situations we reach our limits and can therefore fall into an absolute lack of motivation. Through targeted motivation training, it is possible to fall into the lows for less time.

  • If you find out where the loss of motivation comes from, you can get back on track faster. Often this is not only due to a single reason.
  • We'll have a look to your lifestyle and activate your resources to achieve your goals.

Increase of self-confidence

A lack of self-confidence inevitably leads to problems. Therefore, it is important to act in order to be able to lead one's life more independently and thus gain quality of life.

  • Through role plays you learn to defend yourself when you are verbally attacked.
  • Your posture will be trained.

Development of mental strength

To withstand the daily storms, you need inner strength. However, if the mental level is weakened, this can plunge people into deep crises. Working on mental strength is always worthwhile.

  • The mental strength can be trained by daily challenges.
  • The confrontation with body and soul is part of the program to regain mental strength.

Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung

Betriebliche Arbeits- und Organisationsgestaltung, Verbesserung der Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden am Arbeitsplatz, Arbeitsmotivation, Absenzen-Management und Case-Management.  

Promotion de la santé en entreprise

Travail opérationnel et conception organisationnelle, amélioration de la santé et du bien-être sur le lieu de travail, motivation au travail, gestion des absences et gestion des cas.  

Workplace health promotion

Operational work and organisational structure, improvement of health and well-being at the workplace, work motivation, absence management and case management.