What’s the matter with Corona?


The corona virus has afflicted us like an uninvited guest, has turned everything upside down, unsettles us humans and sometimes annoys us. The restrictions caused by this uninvited guest are striking to the mind.

FACT IS: The uninvited guest is not yet ready for departure.

What am I getting at? The point is that we have to prepare for something longer and neither giving up nor letting ourselves down is an option. This scenario would only prolong the stay of our uninvited guest unnecessarily. Why? Because it would give him better access to our immune system. Hence my motto:


How do we do that?

  • With the measures prescribed by the Federal Council
  • With a healthy diet
  • With tactics to strengthen the immune system and thus get rid of the uninvited guest as quickly as possible
  • Would you like to know more? Then press the Chat Button NOW and I will advise you what you can do to protect yourself and your immune system.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Stay healthy !

This chat offer for questions is 100% free! Telephone coaching sessions, during the Corona time, will be charged from the second session onwards.